The Cellular and Molecular Biology Program (CMB) is a vibrant PhD-granting program that offers a unique interdisciplinary perspective based on the latest research advances incorporating cellular and molecular biology. Students can choose from more than 150 faculty laboratories throughout the University, and interact and collaborate in a student-oriented research environment with cutting edge research resources.

The CMB Program was the first interdisciplinary degree-granting graduate program in the sciences at the University of Michigan. It was initiated over 35 years ago by a grassroots faculty effort, the outgrowth of long-standing informal interactions among faculty and students interested in molecular biology, cell biology and molecular and microbial genetics. These interactions were formally recognized in 1971, when the Rackham School of Graduate Studies conferred degree-granting privileges to the CMB Program. CMB remains the only broad-based training program in biomedical sciences and is supported by a longstanding training grant from the NIH. The CMB Program fosters interactions among students and faculty, helping to broaden the students’ appreciation of diverse research opportunities and to encourage interdisciplinary thinking in a highly collaborative atmosphere. Over 150 students have been awarded the Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology since its inception. Our alumni continue to be leaders in research in many venues. (Average Time to Degree: 5.6 years; Attrition Rate: 10%)

In 1998, the Medical School launched The Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) to coordinate admissions, recruitment and first year training for 11 graduate programs (expanded since to 14) in the biomedical sciences, including CMB. In this context, our distinctive goal is to continue to provide a firm basis in cellular and molecular biology through the exceptional individualized training that characterizes the CMB Program.

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Ann Arbor, MI 48109
p: (734) 764-5428
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August 30, 2019

Another year begins with another fun picnic!


June 13, 2019

Chris Bidlack

Mentor: Karl Desch

Margarita Brovkina

Mentor: Josie Clowney

Devon Dennison

Mentor: Ryan Baldridge

Mark Dulchavsky (MSTP)

Mentor: Jim Bardwell

Emily Eberhardt

Mentor: Michael Cianfrocco

Sylvia Emly

Mentor: Jordan Shavit

Kamya Gopal

Mentor: Alice Telesnitsky

Wesley Huang (MSTP)

Mentor: Benjamin Levi

Jeff Knupp

Mentor: Billy Tsai

Shannon Lacy

Mentor: Matthias Truttmann

Collin Marshall

Mentor: Daniel Beard

Jonathon McBride (MSTP)

Mentor: Sami Barmada

Ashley Melnick

Mentor: Mark Chiang

Chris Pineda

Mentor: Pierre Coulombe

Madison Pletan

Mentor: Billy Tsai

Ansley Semack (MSTP)

Mentor: Jason Spence

Yi-Ju (Lulu) Tseng

Mentor: Peter Todd

Kate Van Pelt

Mentor: Matthias Truttmann

May 13, 2019

Another successful CMB symposium brought together students and faculty from all over campus to discuss their amazing work after listening to a fantastic talk by Dr. Junying Yuan, an Elizabeth D. Hay Professor of Cell Biology from Harvard Medical School.