Career Development Events

Future Events:

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Past Events:

June 2017: Active Career Exploration (ACE) Workshop with the committee - how to get started on your professional development

4/27/17: Gary McDowell (Executive Director, Future of Research) - "So you want to do a Postdoc" Workshop, in collaboration with BioChem and MIP

-- If you missed the talk: Video, Slides --

3/28/17: Ken Chahine ( - Career Panel and Seminar, in collaboration with Human Genetics

10/14/16: Alumni All-stars Career Panel with Leslie Baier (NIH),  Ann Grosse (Charles River Laboratories), Neethan Lobo (Quanticel), Kimya Harris (Immunogen), Jennifer Kennell (Vassar), Teresa Hyun (Univ Washington), Rachel Romain (Columbus State CC)  

5/6/2016: SciPhD Half-day Workshop - Preparing for Professional Careers

3/15/2016: Patent Law Career Panel with CMB Alumni: Carol Laherty (Cooley LLC) and Anavelys Ortiz-Suarez (Versartis, Inc)

11/7/2015: Non-Profit Career Panel with Rick King (PATH Malaria), Stacy Finkbeiner (William Davidson Institute), and Stephen Rapundalo (MichBio)

10/7/2015: LinkedIn Workshop with Katiuska Luna-Cancalon 

6/24/2015 and 6/25/2014: On-site Tours at Lycera

4/13/2015: CMB 850 Skills Translation Workshop and Consulting 101 Workshop (in collaboration with miLead and AMS) with Rudy Bellani (Oystir)

3/10/2015: Biological and Nanoscales Systems with Mitchel Doktycz (National Labs)

1/12/2015: Student Side Projects (what you can do during your PhD) with several current graduate students

11/13/2014: Academic Equilibrium (Faculty and Work/Life Balance) Career Panel with Brendan Looyenga (Calvin College), Sami Barmada, Elizabeth Tank (UM), Monica Dus (UM), Billy Tsai (UM)

10/24/2014: ACE Workshop in collaboration with Rackham

4/8/2014: Science Writing Career Panel with Sara Fisher, Christine Black (UM), Teresa Cesena (MMS Holdings)

3/17/2014: Teaching at a Small Liberal Arts College Career Panel with Christopher Rohlman, Larry Robert Peters, Corissa Lamphear 

2/12/2014: Biotech, Pharma, Tech Transfer Career Panel with Yifeng Jia, Jorg Zeller, Katie Moynihan