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Career Coach Katiuska Luna Cancalon helps students set up LinkedIn profiles


Founded in 2013, the CMB Career Development Committee is a student-run group that designs and organizes workshops for graduate students and postdocs. Our mission is to help scientists identify potential careers (both academic and non-academic) and develop skills to enter and be successful in those fields. A grassroots effort, we aim to foster community within and outside the university, and promote conversations about career development.


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Resources for Informational Interviews:

One of the most effective ways to learn about a career is to conduct an informational interview. The Career Committee cares so much about this skill that they wrote a series of articles for Science Careers


CMB Careers usually hosts two workshops a semester. Please check here for information about past and ongoing projects.

Other Career Development Resources:

University of Michigan Career Center: Career CounselingNon-academic Job Search, Biotechnology Career Tracks, Networking Resources

University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) (UM)

Events at Rackham (UM)

Events at CALC|UM (industry/private sector) and CSEI|UM (future faculty)

Events at MichBio

Resources on Cheeky Scientist and Versatile PHD

Resources and webinars at ASBMB and ASCB